The natural healthy system for treating pool water is though Saline Electrolysis which to function only uses a combination of three elements:


Is it based on the natural production through electrolysis of Sodium Hypochlorite, Oxygen and Ozone which guarantees perfect treatment of your pool water thanks to its disinfectant, oxidant and residual capacity.

Although Sodium Hypochlorite formed in this way has the same principle as traditional Chlorines, it does not contain chlorines or isocianuros.

Saline electrolysis is no more than the installation of a micro chlorine factory in your pool in Which a quantity of salt (basic material) generate Sodium Hypochlorite “in situ”.


1-Health It is a wholly natural system, due to the slight level of salinity it contains (5 or 6gr/l) the equivalent of the salt found in a human tear and six times less than the salt in the sea, it offers the following advantages: • Salt is a gentle antiseptic which eliminates skin and eye irritations. • It removes disagreeable smells in the atmosphere, in acclimatized and covered pools. • Contains no chlorines or isocianuros which are highly harmful and force a tighter control of dosages, they are also the cause of ear, eye and nose infections, alterations in the hair and also smells, etc. • At the same time salt water gives a better and more natural suntan as it contains iodine.

2- Safety As it eliminates any risk through manipulation and storage of chemical products which are highly inflammable and can be dangerous in the installations and toxic for people especially to children. To minimize these risks there exist new laws for the storage of chlorines ITC MIE APQ 003, published by the Ministry of Industry and Energy, in its rules for storage of chemical products RAQ. Accidents caused by chlorine are hard to control as the shock waves from an exploding tank can reach up to 1200m. In many countries where they are conscious of the atmospheric problems, the handling, transport and storage of chemical products is disappearing. 3- Economy The technology of Saline chlorination is by far the cheaper option compared to others due to a 100% saving in the cost of chemical products (chlorines, antialgae and flocculants). It is also a closed process where there is no product loss as they decompose and renew themselves. Meaning that the chlorine once it has completed its function of destroying bacteria and algae returns to its salt form, this explains why the concentration of salt stays constant and only slight additions are required after filter cleaning or excessive rainfall.

4- Automatic with minimum of maintenance The initial set up is reduced to connecting the system and indicating the required amount of pressure. The minimum maintenance as it works automatically with the timer of the purifier.

5- Ecological As we all know the principal and most basic need for any life is water, without which nothing can exist , but we often abuse it and the little we have we contaminate. Treatment of the water through Saline electrolysis keeps the water for a quite a few years which reduces and spillage into rivers etc. and growth of decomposing bacteria during the winter months, therefore helping us to preserve the atmosphere and save on waste of water.

6- Easy installation Installation is easy, no building work required. The electrolysis cell is inserted in the backwash pipe of the pool, the water passes the cell once it has been filtered producing electrolysis in the anode and the cathode and producing the sodium hypochlorite directly in the pool. The chlorinators have two components: the power supplier and the electrolysis cells. There are many types of chlorinators which after studies of the characteristics of the pool can be chlorinators with a minimum production of 20g/h per one family pool, to industrial pools which need large quantities of chlorine.

7- All pool types Can be installed in any shape or sized pool be they public or private, acclimatized or not (spas, public baths, hotel gyms, community pools, theme parks, fountains etc.). It adapts to all filter systems and is compatible with all types of pools interior covering.

8- Water and health quality More and more pool installations and control systems are more sophisticated (Redox, computers, chlorine in granule form, etc.). But in the water the problems remain the same, chlorines and isocianuros, the much questioned quality as these products are the cause of a great number of problems for bathers, like eye, ear and nose irritations and of giving the water a bad taste and smell. On the other hand the incomplete disinfection of the water can cause many health problems which must be taken into account, as many pathological micro-organisms which have not been totally eliminated can be swallowed by bathers in large quantities, large enough to cause problems such as gastro enteritis, skin mycosis, (papiloma virus, fungi etc.) and even type A Hepatitis. (Viral). From this comes the importance of avoiding all these problems by having healthy and hygienic water, Saline Chlorination systems provide the water of your pool with an unbeatable quality of hygiene in your pool without adding noxious elements such as chlorine or industrial granule chlorines.

9- The best Alternative Saline chlorination offers many advantages as opposed to other technologies. For decades systems of chlorine gas, granule chlorine, tablets or injection of liquid chlorine have been the most popular for pool hygiene. Recently though, other systems like ozone technology and ionization have emerged, but these systems turn out to be more expensive in cost and upkeep and also need chemical products added (at least 50% of chlorine dosage) to keep up the quality of the water. Without doubt among these alternatives the one that really brings true advantages is Saline Chlorination which is being fully accepted by both users and professional distributors.

10- Fully tested system The technology of saline chlorination is fully functional in Australia for 30 years and 95% of pools use this method. The Australian industry in the saline chlorination sector is considered leader in both experience and technology, bringing it continuous new techniques and new ideas. Their products are exported all over the world.

Certainly the technology of Saline electrolysis offer us great advantages as a water disinfectant as it is healthier, more ecological, safer and efficient offering us a quality of water superior, for longer and without the annoyances of chlorine.

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