Residential water supply guarantees that the water supplied is suitable for human consumption, but it often contains calcium and magnesium salts, which are the cause for water hardness. These minerals can originate several problems in boilers, heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, pipes, coffee machines, humidifiers and many other appliances. Softened water provides healthier personal hygiene, important savings in energy consumption and detergents, and can also prevent the build-up of limescale which can damage hydraulic installations. In summary, softened water helps to improve the quality of everyday life.

BENEFITS OF SOFTENED WATER : • Healthier personal hygiene. Smooth skin, soft hair, better shaving, etc. • Food tastes better. Cooking times can be reduced, allowing food to retain all its flavour. • Softer clothes. It prevents roughness and makes clothes feel better, colours look brighter and garments last longer. • Reduces energy consumption. It helps water heating elements to work more efficiently by preventing limescale build-up which can act as an insulator. • Saves money. It reduces the amount of detergent and cleaning products needed, thereby reducing their impact on the environment. • Makes cleaning easier. It avoids the generaion of hard-elimination substances. • Extends the working-life of our appliances. It prevents the build-up of limescale and keeps appliances in good condition, maintaining performance levels and extending the life-cycle of the appliance. • Minimises breakdown. It reduces maintenance work and the risk of breakdown in electrical appliances, boilers and heaters. • Reliable. Reliable and easy to install systems that are economical to run and maintain.