Although municipal water purification plants treat the domestic water supply and ensure that it is safe to drink, its quality can be further improved by removing salts and other elements dissolved in water which give it a bad taste. The result is very pure water, ideal for drinking, cooking, watering, ironing... Idrapure reverse osmosis systems help to improve the quality of everyday life.

BENEFITS OF REVERSE OSMOSIS : • Purer water. It improves the quality of water, reducing the content of salts, VOC and THM (responsible for bad taste in water), and eliminating particles and micro-organisms. • Food tastes better. Cooked food preserves all its flavour and properties. • Coffee with aroma. Coffee retains its natural aroma and infusions keep their full flavour. • Savings. It reduces the cost and trouble of having to transport bottled water. • Easy to maintain. Maintenance is easy and affordable for all users. • Other uses. Watering plants, steam ironing, filling aquariums or any other use for which water quality is important, will benefit from the use of purer water.