Pools or swimming baths used to be heated conventionally, mostly by oil or gas fired heating systems or even by electrical heating. However, in this era of extremely precious and limited resources it hardly makes sense simply to blow fossil fuels through the chimney.

The effects on private and public purses and the ecological consequences for the environment and fellow human beings cannot be justified anymore in the long term.

Already in the foreseeable future, the availability of fossil fuels will decrease significantly, and the costs of such energy sources will rise beyond all bounds.

For this reason, more and more operators of small and large swimming pools choose heating with solar energy.

The solar absorber technology offered by SOLAR-RIPP is the ideal way of realizing this choice.

A medium-sized pool of 4 meters width and 8 meters length holds nearly 50 cubic meters of water, which has to be heated to 25° to 30°C.

Although temperature level may appear low, the heat quantities to maintain this level are enormous. A 32-sqm SOLAR-RIPP solar absorber produces exactly the 9.600 kWh of energy required per year for heating the pool quoted in the above example over the typical open-air pool season in central European climate, from May to September. Operators of public open-air pools know that the visitor numbers rise massively in fine weather. The energy supplied by the sun thus offers an ideal fit with demand brought by large numbers of pool visitors.

The SOLAR-RIPP pool absorber has been designed to meet that challenge. The pool water flows directly through the intelligently designed solar rip tubes (surface factor 3 : 1) and is heated while flowing through the tubes, without going through a separate heat exchanger. The electronic solar control unit SRC181GB, equipped with two temperature sensors, automatically turns on the solar system, i.e. it switches on the circulating pump or sets a motorized switching valve to the "Solar" position, and turns it off as soon as the sun does not provide sufficient radiation heat or when the pool water has reached the required temperature.

The projected service life of the SOLAR-RIPP solar absorber is 30 years and the extended SOLAR-RIPP Advanced Guarantee provides maximum security for the customer.

Every SOLAR-RIPP solar absorber system is made to order, made in Germany, and available in every size.

The solar surface can be mounted on the ground, on flat roofs or carports, on sloping roofs or even on an exposed fence or wall.

Feeder and return pipes connect the solar system to the pump and pool and supply the pool with the required warm water.

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