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  • Don't forget your pool in winter!
  • Don't forget your pool in winter!

Don't forget your pool in winter!


Winter is coming and with it, the bad weather. In order that from this time your pool is not a concern for you, we offer floting protection covers. The installation is quick and easy, it makes you a significant energy savings, because the necessary hours of operation of the pool will be reduced to a minimum. Also, the pool cover, water evaporation is minor, with consequent savings this entails. With the floting protection cover , water, sheltered from the sun, is better preserved and therefore requires less chemical. A host of benefits that will make during the winter months your pool requires minimal care.

  • If you are thinking of getting a swimming pool for next summer, start planning now!

If you are thinking of getting a swimming pool for next summer, start planning now!


It is only in summer when we suddenly think how wonderful it would be to have a nice swimming pool at home. But then, when the hottest days are but a memory and we do not swim any more, we again put off the idea until the following summer arrives. Remember how last August under the burning sun you said: “Next summer we will get a swimming pool for sure!”

So, now is the time to act! Autumn days are the most suitable to begin construction of a swimming pool, if it is to be ready when good weather returns. This way we can avoid having the summer once again sneak up upon us and feeling stressed that the pool is not yet a reality. If we get started now, we will have plenty of leeway to get the pool built and in perfectly working order. Furthermore, remember that spring in Minorca is usually warm enough to have an early refreshing mid-May dip in the pool. If we wait much longer to make our decision, we may still be putting the finishing touches on the pool when summer is already well underway.

What steps are necessary to build a swimming pool? Piscinas Isla can answer your questions and take care of the entire process, from beginning to end:

  1. Firstly, we design the best swimming pool for each situation and space.

  2. Since it is considered major construction, we will need the assistance of an architect, who will draft the technical project to be submitted before the city council in order to issue the relevant building permit (this step is not always as agile as we would like, as it heavily depends on the load of work of the town planning department).

  3. Once we get the permit, we are ready to build the swimming pool for you to enjoy next summer.

This is why it is so important to plan construction in advance. If you don’t want to spend one more summer without a swimming pool, now is the right time to get going! Make up your mind now and we will take care of everything. You just have to remember to have your towel and swimsuit ready!



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